K10, K30,
& K50


  • AREA

    low implementation area requirements


    both maximum from 100 to 150cm


    low purchase cost

- K30 5 - K10, 30, 50
- K30w8 - K10, 30, 50
- k30w11 - K10, 30, 50

semi-auto versions

K10, 30 & 50

- K30w7 - K10, 30, 50

Needs two non-specialized operators, one to run the machine and the other to transport pipes to the curing area.
Big loading resistance and strict water tightness due to adequate external vibration and compaction. Pipe diameters up to 200 cm.

K-10, 30 & 50 Specifications

Machines with outer vibration, low cost investment and minimum implantation space required. Engineered for straight male/female with mortar joint pipes. According to the model, production from 15 to 300 cm of inner diameter and up to 150 cm in length is possible.

Two non-specialized operators are required, one to run the machine and another to carry the pipes to the curing area. The machines operate on two important factors, vibration and compaction, resulting in a big loading resistance and very good water thickness.

Fast changing mould system, allowing quick shifts to start a new production.


  • Adjustable and interchangeable outer vibration
  • Semi-automatic cycle
  • Diversity of concrete pieces
  • Maximum length of pipes up to 150 cm
  • Large output (for smaller size diameters)
  • Maximum diameter 300 cm
  • Cylindrical pipes

K-10, 30 & 50 SERIES

other TYPE OF


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